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Why I’m Still Wearing a Mask Months After Getting Vaccinated

It took me 30 minutes to get through the vaccination line. During that time, I chatted with a fellow who was getting his shot so that he could visit his mother in respite care.

“Yeah,” he told me. “I wasn’t going to get this shot, but I also want to spend as much time with my mom as possible. So – I’m just sucking it up.”

Some people see masks as a political statement. You can find conspiracy theories out there that suggest the COVID-19 vaccinations are a form of mind control. Is there truth to these perspectives?

I can’t say. What I do have control over are my choices. That means I’ll keep wearing a mask, but it isn’t for the reasons you might expect.

My Allergies Have Been Much Better with Wearing Masks

We get a lot of outside time as a family. I’ve always been sensitive to hay fever symptoms throughout the year, but it gets awful in April and May.

Last year, when mask-wearing became a mandate, my seasonal allergies were better than I could ever remember. I even stopped taking my usual daily dose because my exposure levels were much lower.

When we could get outside again, I kept wearing a mask for hiking, playing soccer with the kids, and our other activities. It was the first year in over 20 years that I didn’t need to use my inhaler. 

Is there a chance that I could pass the virus to someone else after getting vaccinated? I suppose anything is possible. If wearing a mask reduces that risk, it makes sense to think of others first sometimes.

Everyone needs to make their own choices about wearing a mask after getting vaccinated. As a society, we should find ways to support each other in this endeavor instead of turning the behavior into a political discourse.