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Why I Choose to Spend Valentine’s Day with My Single Friends

For me, Valentine’s Day has never been a “holiday” for celebration. I feel that love is something that gets practiced daily. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a significant other to grab a lavish gift when everything you and they want is already there?

I also know how much some of my friends love Valentine’s Day. It’s a time when they feel like it’s a celebration of who they are and how hard they work for their relationships.

That means I’m caught in the middle. On one side, I have my married or dating friends all eating at fancy restaurants and buying roses. On the other, my single friends are contemplating some ice cream and their favorite movie.

That’s why I choose to spend Valentine’s Day with my single friends. It is a way for me to show them how much they are loved.

Activities to Try as a Single on Valentine’s Day

If you are single on Valentine’s Day and it doesn’t feel enjoyable, consider taking the day to honor yourself instead. You could have a spa day, get a massage, have your nails done, and order out from your favorite restaurant.

Here are some of the ways my friends and I celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

1. We sometimes get out of town to have a weekend getaway with wine tasting, boutique shopping, and sightseeing.

2. We invited our parents over for a big Valentine’s Day party with all of us together.

3. We host a singles-only dinner party where my friends toast their independence (that makes me the odd one out there).

4. We have spent the day baking cakes, cookies, and bread.

5. We did a volunteerism day to help people get their properties ready for spring, work at a shelter, and handed out meals at the local food bank.

6. We have binge-watched comedy specials on Netflix (Jeff Dunham is hilarious!).

The point is that Valentine’s Day is only gloomy if you allow it to be. When your focus is on treating yourself with love and being with friends, it can still be a fantastic time.