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Why a Raw Dog Food Diet Makes My Dogs Love Me More

I want what is best for my dogs. That’s why I transitioned from the stale dry kibble sold in huge bags to a raw diet.

There’s no doubt that I’m spending more on their food today. I like to use Pet Wellbeing to manage those expenses because I know that the quality is always what it should be for the price. There are never any surprises. 

I can see the benefits for my dogs immediately. There is less grease to their coat. They also have more energy, which means we go on additional walks or trips to the dog park.

That extra attention, along with a full belly, is why they love me more today.

What Are the Benefits of Raw Dog Food?

It Gives Them Better Health

I know there are risks to feeding dogs raw food. You must control your kitchen environment to limit bacterial infection risks. When you take the correct precautions, this dietary choice offers cleaner teeth, fresher breath, and healthier ears. My issues with ear infections have plummeted dramatically since the switch.

It’s a Sustainable Choice

How often do you need to clean up the landmines that your dogs leave in the backyard? Mine were out there 2-3 times daily. With four pups, that issue adds up quickly! Switching to raw food has reduced this problem. The nutrients are better utilized, creating a smaller stool and less frequent trips to the yard.

It Uses All-Natural Ingredients

Have you seen what is in dog food today? Before I switched, I was using a high-protein option from a brand I won’t name. After meat and bone meal, the next four ingredients were ground yellow corn, wheat middlings, soybean meal, and ground wheat. It had three food dyes in it! 

It Provides Them With More Energy

I know I talked about more trips to the dog park and such before, but this benefit goes beyond some extra time with outdoor activities. They stay active in the house more, wanting attention instead of crashing on the couch. You can see the intelligence percolating in their brains, looking for ways to have fun and cause trouble.
Is it frustrating to have active dogs? Sure – in one perspective. I love that they are happy and healthy. As the leader of the pack, I’m not turning away from raw food ever again. I’d encourage you to make a similar choice.