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What Would Happen If You Got Caught Stealing 500 Years Ago?

Our mind usually keeps wandering in fairy tales and fantasies created by our own selves. We often imagine different scenarios in our leisure time. Sometimes we imagine how life would be if “I Were a King of a Huge Empire?”

But have you ever thought what would happen if you were caught stealing in ancient times? 

Let’s have a look.

Let’s suppose you are planning an adventure to visit the past in a time machine, like those shown in sci-fi movies, with a high-tech interior and advanced functions, and you aim to visit the past civilization, almost 500 years ago. You are set on the time machine, and suddenly you feel a huge shake and jolt. After a while, everything calms, and “OH MY GOODNESS!” you have reached 500 years back into the 16th century!

Now you’re quite excited as you are on the biggest adventure of your life. You keep on visiting different places and areas. Everything looks old and with a vintage touch: buildings, vehicles, and old fashioned clothes, you are enjoying your time. 

But after some time, you feel hungry, and you have nothing to eat. Now, what would you do? Of course, you don’t have the 1500’s currency with you. Now you have two options:

  1. Either You ask someone to buy you food, or
  2. You steal the money or food to tame your hunger.

Option 1 does not feel right for someone who is on an adventure, as well as people generally do not help others in need. So, if you are thinking of opting for the second option, watch out! You can be at a high risk of facing theft penalties

You should keep all the following points in mind of what could happen if you got caught stealing. What are the penalties you’ll face according to the law of the 16th century, and how severely can you be punished?

The 16th-century criminal law was different from the 15th century, as new sentences were included in the law.

  • The stealing sentence depended on the severity of the robbery, and the punishment ranged from the death penalty to fines or labor. 
  • Theft of something of lower value was punished with fines and imprisonment for a short period, sometimes with labor. However, if a person was unable to pay the fine, his sentence was converted into hard labor. 
  • The most rigid penalty was for theft from a church. If someone stole something from the church, he was always punished with the death penalty. 

To elaborate, we know that even the small act of stealing can land you in serious trouble, even if you do it just for an adventure. So, there’s always a way to exit such imagination roller coaster rides safely when you feel like you are at a higher risk. Stop your imagination right there because it’s the beauty of fantasizing that you can always exit safe and sound from your daydreams without being caught for your crimes!