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Weird Safety Facts That Will Save Your Life

Should they be called “weird” if they can save someone’s life? Knowing random yet weird facts can someday save a life, maybe your own. So don’t overthink before you start reading this completely random but not completely useless list of safety facts that can positively keep one safe from whatever danger they might be facing. 

Quit taking safety tips from TV series and movies because all of that is scripted and unreal. So unless your life is a living scene from “Final Destination” (sorry buddy looks like there’s only one way to do this), let’s read these safety facts and try to remember them as we go about our days. 

  1. Want to break the window in case of a fire? Aim at the corners of the window glass instead of the center because the glass is thicker and harder to break in the middle. 
  2. If you live in colder regions keep a spare candle in the car. If you ever get stuck in the snow a burning candle will prevent you from freezing to death. 
  3. If you think you’re having a heart attack quickly start chewing on an aspirin.
  4. Got stuck in an ocean current? Don’t panic and don’t swim against the rip current to the shore. Instead, swim along the waves and parallel to the mainland. 
  5. If you are ever stuck in a building that’s on fire, crawl on your bellow. You will find breathable air here, and it will be cooler.
  6. If you ever have to use CPR to save a life, remember to place your hands exactly in the middle of the chest. Your stronger hand should be above the less strong hand and you need to have your shoulders upright. Lock your elbows and use the weight of your entire upper body. To follow the CPR rhythm, sing the nursery rhyme Nelly the Elephant. 
  7. Caught in front of a tornado and it looks like it isn’t moving at all? That’s because it’s moving towards you. Don’t run away. Run perpendicular to its path and find something that is secured to the ground and hang on for dear life.
  8. Find yourself being chased by an alligator? Don’t run straight but start running in a zigzag motion. The alligator’s limited eyesight and lack of agility on land will mean it won’t be able to catch you.
  9. If you are swimming in a natural body of water and the water suddenly starts tasting like metal, get out right away. There is likely an exposed power line touching the water and sending current out. 
  10. Don’t drink the milk of brown coconuts as this will cause dehydration. If you must drink water, look for green coconuts.

Bet your school teachers told you these essential safety facts! Review them periodically so you will never be caught unprepared!