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Things That Make No Sense About the English Language

When you learn English as your first language, it can be challenging to learn another one because of its structure.

If you learn a different language than English, taking ESL classes can be a lesson in frustration.

When you really look at English from an outside perspective, there are a few things that don’t make sense about it at all.

1. Homographs and Homonyms

The first option is a word that has the same spelling, but it offers a different meaning. A word like “bark” is an excellent example. It’s what a dog says, or it is what protects a tree.

The second option is a word that sounds the same, but it has different meanings. You can think about “there,” “their,” and “they’re” for this one.

2. Heteronyms

If you want to get even more confused, these words are spelled the same, but pronounced differently.

Imagine that you want to “wind” your watch while battling the “wind” outside.

3. Anything Involving Up

If you thought the word “the” was annoying in English, you haven’t had a chat with the word “up.” It can be used in numerous ways to the point that it’ll leave your mind spinning. In general terms, you have it indicate that something is rising.

It can also mean that you look upward. How you use it is up to you.

4. Strange Inconsistencies

You can eat French fries, but they don’t come from France because the cuts are frenched. You can eat an eggplant, but it doesn’t have any eggs. If you want a pineapple, hopefully, you’re not expecting an apple or a pine tree.

Let’s not even get into the concept of sweetbreads. It’s not sweet, and it’s not bread.

5. Same but Different Words

You can use any noun as a verb and have it make sense. Do you want to velociraptor that dinner at the restaurant? Would you dolphin out to those islands? It’s stuff like that which drives people crazy!

What are some of the odd things that make no sense to you about the English language?