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Signs You are a Drunkard and Why You Should Embrace It

If you are reading this, then the chances of you being a drunkard are high, or you might be just reading this for educational purposes. Some of us tend to not accept the fact that we are, in fact, a drunkard, and that’s okay. Anyways, these are several very potent signs that can essentially highlight someone’s drunkenness. These signs include: 

Lack of Balance

Yes, the night out drinking and coming home and crashing in the door and onto the sofa was not due to you being tried after a crazy night out. It was because you had no control over yourself. So if you are tumbling all over your house, it might be because you are drunk, and if not, then you might need to go to a doctor. 

Slow or Poor Judgment

Now, this, in my opinion, varies from person to person and how much alcohol they can manage. Not all of us are liable to make bad decisions while drunk, but the likelihood of them being made increases tenfold when under the influence of alcohol. So if you have made any bad decisions while being drunk, then that’s a sign that you, my friend, are a drunkard. 

Vision Problems

This is probably the most obvious of the signs. No, you have not all of a sudden developed poor sight, and no, your best friend does not have a twin sister wearing the exact same clothes trying to hold your hair back while you puke your guts out. 

Oh, did I mention in some cases an excessive amount of drinking or being tipsy actually leads to one puking as well?

Shorter Attention Span

In most cases, it becomes difficult for one to concentrate on things for a very long time; hence a drunk person gets easily distracted. 

Lack of Coordination

If you are planning to learn a new dance routine or thinking about working out, then better luck next time because it won’t happen. 

The main point, however, is that we all acknowledge these signs that symbolize whether we are a drunkard or not. If we are, then we must embrace it with an open heart. Also, just to put it out their not everyone is a happy drunkard. Some of us are extremely emotional and sensitive, so bear with us. 

More than any of that, being a drunkard is a major risk to your overall health and safety, so be careful. Also, treat your liver well. Source Naturals, Standard Process, and Douglas Laboratories offer supplements that seek to provide your liver with the support it needs to function at its best.