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Reasons Leonardo Di Caprio is Overrated

So, Leonardo Di Caprio bagged his first Oscar award for “The Revenant” after being nominated for several years. Well, we still believe that he is an overrated star, and he actually didn’t deserve an Oscar – at least not for this role. No doubt, he has put in years of hard work to finally get one. But what about all other movies that we thought might get him one but he always ended up as a nominee? The critics never thought of him as capable enough to get one. 

So many movies and only one Oscar highlight the irony. Is this the only film worth watching, or has he actually learned acting now, after so many years of struggle? The critics may have thought that his time has come, so let’s just give him one for the sake of it. 

He has done a lot of movies, but let’s just be clear and honest. Most of his movies would have been a lot better if he was not the lead. His capacity to perform onscreen is limited, and he cannot do more than shout or frown. He never pushes his acting capacities. There are numerous times where I was not interested in what he was saying or delivering onscreen as he lacks charisma, which is needed in order to deliver the dialogue and create an impact as well. 

I watch his films but don’t feel the same urge to watch them again. I usually love watching the films I like again and again, but I never felt the same when it comes to his movies. He is not that effective in playing the role assigned, so the performance suffers. There are times in his movies when I can see him through the character he is portraying, which should not happen.

The majority of us fail to understand the reason behind his success and why audiences go crazy after him. Apart from good looks, he has nothing to offer onscreen, not even good acting or dialogue.