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Reasons a Dictator Might Be Good for a Couple of Decades

After the January 6 craziness that happened in Washington, D.C., I got to thinking. I know – that’s a dangerous thing for me, but it still occurs occasionally.

If Donald Trump wants to be a dictator, what would happen if he were successful?

I know that the United States wouldn’t turn into North Korea or Iran. Would we get closer to China, where their president is now in office for life?

That got me to the point where I examined the pros and cons of dictatorships. Here are the bullet points I came up with for the good and the bad of such an outcome.

Pros of Dictatorships

You don’t need to worry about the lesser of two evils at the ballot box.A longer time in office can let political leaders see their actions through instead of having them redacted every political cycle.It is easier to get resources to emergency situations because there’s only one voice in government.Most societies with a dictatorship see lower crime levels, albeit because more actions qualify for capital punishment.

Cons of Dictatorships

Dictators can rewrite the rules whenever they want, which means we have less of a say in what the government does.People lose the right to earn privileges unless they kiss the ring, which is not something the average person does.If you dissent, you go to jail.Your country can disintegrate if something happens to the dictator.You might get someone like Stalin, who thought that death was the solution to any problem.

I’m not saying that a dictatorship is what the United States needs, although a few Trump supporters are on the record with comments like that.

What we need to do is remember that America (and all democracies) requires our participation. If we sit back and let others do the work for us, a dictator can unexpectedly slip into our DMs.