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Rating the Best Potato Chips, According to Me, Because I Can

As someone who writes regularly, I feel like I’ve become a potato chip expert. There’s something about the crunchiness of this snack that inspires my creative energy.

I’ve tried a few brands to see what ones are better than others for flavor, texture, and gum-stabbing goodness. What options don’t leave powder on my hands that transfer to my keyboard to make it sticky?

Here’s my list. If you don’t like it, stop reading. No one’s forcing you to agree, disagree, or be apathetic. Do your thing.

The Definitive List of the Best Potato Chip Options

1. Kettle Brand Spicy Queso

Do you remember when Lay’s made the Bistro Gourmet chips? Their cheddar and jalapeno flavor was the best thing ever! Although nothing compares to it, this option comes close. It’s got more zing than you might expect, and that’s what makes them so great.

2. Zapp’s Potato Chips VooDoo Heat

They sell these down the street at the dollar store. I buy them out whenever they get restocked. They’ve got a smoky barbecue flavor, a lot of spice, and the perfect crunch. You get a hint of vinegar and a touch of salt with each bite.

3. Boulder Canyon Avocado Oil Jalapeno

There are no real words to describe the flavor profile on this chip. It’s close to what you’d get with a spicy guacamole without the citrus or tomato interference. The ridges are beautifully crunchy, and I love the quality. There are rarely dark spots to eat around. 

4. Brother Kane Buffalo Wing Bleu Cheese

Don’t think. Just go online to order these chips right now. Here’s their website. It’s going to blow your mind!

5. Route 11 Chesapeake Crab

You’ll find a lot of fun flavors to try with this brand. If they didn’t have this flavor, I’d have a hard time choosing between Mama Zuma’s Revenge or their dill-flavored options. I guarantee that you won’t be able to put them down!

6. Dieffenbach’s Coney Island Hot Dog

Once upon a time, my employer was talking about transferring me to Philadelphia. They even sent me on a paid scouting trip for a week to see the area, evaluate the staff, and so forth. I found these chips there and fell in love.

I’m not interested in what you think good potato chips are. I know what ones are the best. Grab these when you can, and I’m confident you’ll agree!