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Public Schools Are Failing Our Youth, and I am Livid

Have you noticed something happening with our public schools lately?

I know I’ve seen a difference in how things have been being taught to our kids. Even when you consider the pandemic issues, the outcomes our children receive aren’t where they should be.

Look – I get that teachers are doing the best they can. The idea of getting stuck in a classroom with a bunch of kids during a pandemic would frighten me. I don’t even blame them.

Our public schools have an administrative problem driven by modern politics.

Here Are My Issues with Public Schools

At the risk of this post sounding like a list of grievances, here are the problems I have with our current educational system.

1. We don’t “teach” Common Core.

Believe it or not, I don’t think Common Core is a bad thing. Where I have a problem is how it gets taught to the kids. They don’t receive the knowledge they need to understand that they’re learning introductory algebra and advanced mathematics concepts.

2. Patriotism is a skill.

When I think of what it means to be a patriot, it’s not a part of a specific political party. We are patriots when we help each other get better each day. What’s the point of saying the Pledge of Allegiance if the kids don’t know what it means?

Sure – parents have a role to play, but our schools must engage parents appropriately. Sending home kindergarteners for having a weapon when it’s a Pop-Tart eaten into the shape of an “L” is ridiculous.

3. Spelling and spellcheck are two separate user talents.

I saw a sixth-grader spell the word “sugar” like this the other day: S-H-U-G-E-R. Seriously. If we can’t get the basics right, what hope do we have for everything else?

4. Bullying is still a problem.

We need to teach our kids to stand up for themselves. If a child expects a teacher or recess assistant to intervene, a lot of harm can happen. I’m not advocating for fights, but a few self-defense classes could be helpful.

5. How much should parents need to do?

Remote schooling has forced parents to be the teaching assistant. Most districts have short meetings between kids and teachers, expecting independent learning during the day. How feasible is that for many families?

I’m livid at our public schools because they’re robbing our children of their future. I’ve gotten involved in helping things locally. Are you doing the same?