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Our Thoughts About the Last Dance Michael Jordan Documentary

Basketball has a huge fan following. Serving this huge fan following, ESPN announced a documentary starring Michael Jordan called “The Last Dance.” This documentary is based around the star Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls around the 1990s. With people all over the world claiming the Chicago Bulls to be one of the best teams of all time, there was obviously a lot of anticipation for the documentary. 

The 10 part documentary tracks Michael Jordan and coach Phil Jackson over their respective careers. The Chicago Bulls was one of the best during the 90s, and the manager, the players, and all the people involved in bringing the team up to the top were in the limelight for a large portion of time.

The documentary was excellent in the sense that it evoked a sharp but beautiful and mesmerizing sense of nostalgia in the watchers and made them long for the era again. Not only that, but there are also tons of interviews in the documentary from various people. This includes all the major players who were a part of the team, sports casters, friends, family, and so on. They offer insight you would have never known about before, which is mesmerizing. :ike all journeys, their flight to the clouds also includes highs and lows, which are shown in the series. 

Instead of proceeding in a chronological order as is the case with most documentaries, this one moved backwards and forwards through Jordan’s life. Obviously, there are also tons of videos of the matches showed in between the documentary which helped revive a lot spirit and brought the viewers to the edge of their seats. There is also a very fun soundtrack in the documentary which made it even more hooking. 

Shedding a light on the determination, hard work and the struggles faced by players, this documentary helps in ringing to light the effort it took for the bulls and Michael Jordan to get where they were. 
Accumulating all the important times and the people involved, this 10 part miniseries served as a much needed flashback and allowed the younger generation to get an insight of what the basketball world used to be like.