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Nintendo 64 Holds Up. No, I’m Not Kidding.

So, here’s the thing. Sony has the PS5 coming out soon. Microsoft says they’re doing something with the Xbox. Nintendo is doing the Switch thing these days.

That’s all fine. I play enough Overwatch to make the system pay for itself.

None of those consoles hold a candle to the Nintendo 64. I know people are all like, “That’s nostalgia talking,” but forget them. Here’s what I know.

Super Mario 64 was the When my folks got me a Nintendo, my first game was Super Mario 2. Yeah. The 3D play on SM64 is amazing. Are the graphics dated? Sure. I mean, the game came out in 1996. The 360-degree controls and that camera were awesome. 

Do You Need More Evidence of the N64’s Greatness??

At this point, I’m probably preaching to the choir because all of the other video game snobs left the room. Great! Let’s get into it. 

When I was dating my wife, we’d spend long hours on Mario Kart 64’s battle mode. She was a beast at that game! We’d spend long nights drinking and playing, which was probably the best part of my college years.

Well… that, and when I took down my roommates 200 game winning streak on NBA Jam.

It doesn’t stop there. GoldenEye 64 was incredible. The game was more than a cheap movie imitation. Quake and Doom had the first-player shooter perspective, but this title had style. Even if you sucked, the auto-aim let you feel like an expert.

We always got the sports titles when they came out. Golf, football, baseball, you name it. Although you might not call it a sports title, I loved F-Zero X. It moved fast, had tons of fog, and the graphics detail was terrible, but it was tons of fun.

And the final title that was incredible? Blast Corps. Yeah – I could have said Super Smash Bros, but no. Trying to clear a path for an out-of-control missile that wants to destroy the world was magically addictive. Those Pac-Man bonus levels were straight-up crazy.

Have a title you want to add to the debate? Hit me up!