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My Fast Food Tier List: Taco Bell Is Absolutely S-Tier

Where do you go when you need to get a quick bite to eat?

I readily admit that fast food is my kryptonite. Although I love taking care of my health with some items from Jarrow Formulas and Thorne Research, the smell of nachos from the local Taco Bell gets me every time.

There’s something about the cheese, jalapenos, and mostly meat they put on that dish that drives my taste buds wild!

If Taco Bell isn’t available, here are a few of my other favorites to visit when my hunger requires satisfaction.

Hardee’s / Carl’s Jr.

Although the six-dollar burgers aren’t as big or as flavorful as they were a decade ago, I still love coming here for a guacamole burger. It’s sloppy, has a bit of spice, and leaves you feeling satisfied. Running your curly fries through the toppings helps to keep some of the mess away.

Dairy Queen

The Flamethrower burgers at this fast-food destination are an excellent choice. When you get the half-pound combo with a small sundae, you can’t go wrong with that caloric infusion. I love stopping here sometimes after work to grab a peanut butter shake.


The spicy chicken sandwich here is one of the best fast-food meals you can snag today. It warms you up without being too hot to handle. I go off-menu here and order a chili-cheese baked potato as my side with some chives on top and extra sour cream. If I’m still feeling hungry after that, a Frosty is coming up for dessert.


I know a lot of people hate this place. I’ve been in a few bad ones myself. I also once ate 17 cheddar roast beef sandwiches at my local one. Their curly fries are still the best in the industry.


Although I have to travel a long way to get a burger here, the double-double is an excellent meal. I strongly recommend you start campaigning for a franchise to take advantage of this high-quality food experience.


This fast-food stop’s retro feel is appealing, but I come for the tater tots and slushies. It’s also an excellent place for anyone who likes to dunk French fries into a chocolate shake without judgment.