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Modern Boxing Is Terrible: I’ll Never Forget These Classic Champs

I sat down to watch a fight the other night with my kids. Boxing was my life back in the day, but I was ashamed of what I saw on the television. The two athletes spent more time hugging each other than throwing punches.

It made me miss the days of old when there were real champions on the boxing circuit. Here are some of the classic champs that I wish were still competing today.

1. Muhammad Ali

Ali only lost five times, but only once when he was in peak form to Frazier. His dancing feet, powerful punch, and electric personality still prove that he’s the greatest. 

2. Sugar Ray Robinson

With 202 professional fights over 25 years, Robinson was a force of nature in the boxing world. He held the middleweight title five different times in the 1950s. As a welterweight, he was about unstoppable. 

3. Joe Louis

Louis spent 12 years as a heavyweight champion. It was a decade of dominance. His work proved that you don’t need something fancy to be effective. The jab and right cross combo floored lots of fighters. 

4. Henry Armstrong

He had so many nicknames, but that’s because he was devastating in the ring. Armstrong is still the only fighter to hold three world titles simultaneously in three different weight divisions. He had a total of 181 professional bouts. 

5. Sugar Ray Leonard

Leonard’s pure boxing style carried him through the amateur ranks to become one of the best fighters in the modern era. He would end up winning professional titles in five different weight classes during his career.

Who are some of your favorite classic boxers that you’d like to watch again?