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Modern Actresses Don’t Hold a Candle to My Favorite Classic Hollywood Stars

The first time I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I was in love. Aubrey Hepburn stole my heart. Although the film had been made nearly 20 years before I spent an afternoon watching it with my parents, it didn’t matter.

The grace and charm Hepburn displayed made her an instant icon in my mind. All this time later, I still have a crush on her.

Although today’s actresses are beautiful in their own right, I love how Classic Hollywood presented the glamor of the movie industry. Here are some of my favorites (after Hepburn!) who I still watch today.

Who Are the Best Actresses of Classic Hollywood?

1. Gene Tierney

I love Tierney because she always felt that being an actress was more of a title than a career choice. She embraced the camera in ways that I don’t feel have been replicated since. If you’ve never seen The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, you’re missing out on a fantastic film.

2. Grace Kelly

Kelly once said that she never liked being a movie star. She loved working in pictures and theater, and that love of acting conveyed to the big screen. I’ve always felt that she delivered the girl-next-door vibe, and that smile is something you cannot ignore. One of my favorite films will always be Rear Window.

3. Hedy Lamarr

With 30 films to her credit, Lamarr brought intelligence, charisma, and beauty to every role. Did you know she co-invented technology that was originally intended for torpedo guidance? Her first film, Ecstasy, was a ground-breaking performance that featured intimacy and a realistic look at the human condition.

4. Greta Garbo

When I mention this actress, most people say, “Who?” You need to see Flesh and the Devil to understand why she’s a favorite. The chemistry she has with John Gilbert on the screen feels intense, even though it was filmed nearly a century ago.

I know every list is subjective. These actresses are my favorites – who are yours?