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I’ve Had Many Dogs in My Life – These Are My Favorite Breeds

Sebastian was always a good boy. My family met him when he was six weeks old at the shelter. While other dogs went crazy trying to get our attention, he sat patiently in the back. When we made eye contact, his tail wagged.

I said, “Do you want to come here?” He ran right over, put his paws on my left, and got some head scratches.

We got 14 years with that good boy. 

Our home has had many dogs come and go, becoming part of our family’s memory tapestry. These breeds are my favorites to have around. 

1. Labrador Retriever

The adventurous spirit is what I love about this breed. You can see them looking for new trails to explore whenever they get outside. 

2. Newfoundland

I haven’t found a more protective breed than our big fellow. He takes care of the kids with fierceness, yet his playing is extra gentle. You haven’t had fun until you’ve taken a swim with your dog in a lake.

3. Standard Poodle

I’m a big fan of bigger dogs, but the comical nature of this breed really attracts my attention. They’re like having a full-time clown at home, and their devious personalities always keep you hopping.

4. Beagle

The loyalty found with this breed is what attracts me to them the most. They’re kind and affectionate, but they also have lots of energy for some backyard play. 

5. Pug

These fellows might have a unique smell to them, but it’s all part of their lovable personality. I love their social nature, and it’s always good to have a companion who wants to snuggle. 

These are the options I enjoy the most. What are some of your favorite dog breeds?