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Interesting Facts about Popcorn

Popcorn is one of the oldest food items we have around. Widely known to help people fulfill their hunger and their munching needs in theaters and cinemas, these are the ultimate food. Whenever we think of fun, we think of popcorn as an essential food item. Be it, cinemas, theatres, funfairs, or trips to the zoo.

The thing about popcorn is that even though it is consumed so much all over the world, there are still tons of facts about it that people are unaware of. Here are some interesting facts about popcorn.

  1. Even though we associate popcorn with cinemas, the noisiness that comes with it bothered some people so much back in 1920 that some cinemas banned popcorn in the cinema hall! 
  2. When kernel seeds are being popped, it is said that they can bounce off 3 feet. That’s the size of a small child!
  3. You might think popcorn is some modern thing but no! It has been around since 1893 when it was introduced in the World Fair in Chicago. 
  4. It is said that the major reason all over the world why microwaves are used is for popping popcorns. 
  5. You can top popcorn with many interesting things! Because they aren’t the best source of vitamins and minerals, you might consider products from NowFoods and Apricot Power, or Yogi Tea if popcorn has left you with a dry mouth.
  6. In some places around the world, popcorn is made with sand! Yes, popcorn seeds are mixed in sand and heated over fire. 
  7. Ever had popcorn left at the bottom that didn’t pop? It turns out they call this “old maid.” 
  8. Just as there is a name for uncooked popcorns, there are also names for cooked popcorns. The ones that are round in shape are called Mushrooms, while the ones with weird shapes are called Butterflies. 
  9. You might think that because popcorns are mostly available at movie theatres in a huge range, they might be consumed there the most, but that is not true! It is said that about 70% of the popcorn ate all over the world is consumed at home. It turns out I’m not the only one who eats my popcorn in my bed.
  10. It doesn’t necessarily have to salty. There is sweet popcorn too. There are also tons of weird flavors such as black truffle and cheddar, eggnog flavor, and even pumpkin spice! 
  11.  Want to know why your kernel pops high in the air? There’s a tiny amount of water in each kernel which when it reaches a certain temperature turns into steam and pops!

Not eating popcorn as a snack? Then you are missing out. Popcorn is the ultimate “clean” food because not only is it packaged securely, the kernel keeps the starch inside safe!