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Instead of Buying You a Gift, I Donated to Charity

Instead of Buying You a Gift, I Donated the Money to Charity

Dear Friend,

I want you to know how much I care for you this year. It has been a long and challenging journey through 2020. While others have fought with food insecurity, unemployment problems, and uncertainty about paying the rent, you’ve been busier than ever.

I see you putting in those 70-hour weeks without complaint. I shop at the businesses you’ve helped to save.

I know you are doing fantastic things for your community. 

We talked about what we wanted to do this year for gifts because of COVID-19. You said that I didn’t need to get you anything.

You’re mistaken.

Instead of buying you a gift, I donated that money to a local charity in your name. I know you could use a new keyboard for your computer and that sound system you have plays like it is from 1996, but I think you could buy those things for yourself with all of the extra money you’ve been earning.

I knew that you wanted a Christmas gift this year that meant something more than simple consumerism. Please don’t be angry with me. Sometimes, I know that you like to tell me not to do things, but you secretly want me to do them anyway. You’ve had your eyes set on a PS5 for a while now, so I know there are a few items on your wish list.

We both know I don’t have the money for a new console. What I can do is help the children in your neighborhood have safe places to play. I can get your local food bank restocked. I can also work with youth sports organizations to create new opportunities to stay active. 

I know you don’t want any recognition for these actions. Your name is on the donation certificate, all the same.

I hope you have a happy holiday season. Until we meet again, may your family stay blessed, your opportunities remain plentiful, and your health in good spirits.

Best Regards,