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Important Components of a Bunker Security System

Safety is the top-most priority of people nowadays. A home without a security system seems vulnerable, as it is an easy target for burglary and robbery. The harsh reality is that there are people that are looking for a chance to break in your home that is not protected by security measures. So, it Is Better to be safe than sorry. 

Everyone wants their house and business space to get secured by a reliable security system. However, it turns out to be a difficult choice to select the best security system.

Security systems vary in quality and features, so make sure you choose the right one to meet your needs, make sure they have these components

Wireless Keypad

Your keypad should not need to be plugged in or have dedicated wires running to or from it. This is because if you lose power, you need to be able to open and close your bunker. Moreover, you can control it even if you aren’t there to let some people in or out of the bunker. Also, the wireless system increases the ease of use as you can place it anywhere you want.

Flat Screen Monitor

Protection can be ensured through a monitor screen that shows the real-time footage of the cameras that are set up for surveillance. 

Surveillance Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

It stores all the videos of the surveillance cameras and can be accessed to look at the events that occurred before. 

Day and Night Vision Cameras

As a robbery can occur at any time of day or night, the cameras of the bunker security system are highly equipped to capture the footage of high definition quality, as well as clear vision at night.

Base Station

A base station helps to alert the security help when someone tries to break in the house and can include flashing lights, alarms, and other methods of gaining your attention. 

Entry and Motion Alert Systems

These sensors are used to detect the entry of an intruder into the house and will detect them as they try to pass through. It also comes with motion-detecting lights in some special systems.

The Bottom Line

All in all, we can conclude that these are the essential components that offer a huge variety of security systems, however it’s up to the consumer for what set of features you want in a security plan.