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I’m Waiting a Few Months Before Getting the COVID Vaccine to Make Sure It’s Safe

During the first days of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution, six people came down with severe allergic reactions out of about 250,000 administered doses. Although that rate is in line with most expectations, I’m still waiting a few months to gauge the vaccine’s safety.

Look – I’m not an anti-vax proponent. All of my kids have a complete vaccination record (except for the HPV one – we’re going to let them decide if they want it when they get old enough).

I have legitimate concerns. The last time I got a tetanus shot, I had an anaphylaxis reaction to it. I’d been trying to break up a fight, and a kid with a mental breakdown bit me. After the doc gave me the shot, I spent the next two days in the hospital.

I’ve had similar adverse reactions to the MMR vaccine and having my tongue swell. Those are my reasons, and I feel that everyone else who is waiting should be given the same respect.

What Are the Side Effects of the COVID Vaccines?

With multiple COVID vaccines available, the potential side effects experienced depend partly on the one you’re given.

Since these vaccines are mRNA-based products, it elicits an immune response. You’ll feel like you’ve got COVID for a couple of days when you get the shot.

That means the most common reactions are a fever, muscle aches, headaches, and fatigue. You might see pain and redness at the injection site.

Most people should get better after a couple of days. If you’re concerned about being outside of the “most” category, vaccine providers say that immediate treatments for severe allergies are present for administration.

Does the COVID Vaccine Change Your DNA?

You’ve probably seen the social media posts over the past few months about the COVID vaccines causing female sterilization, DNA changes, and other adverse outcomes.

These issues are not something that concerns me. The science behind protein creation and immune responses seems straightforward.

I’m waiting because of my allergy history. If you’re not getting the vaccine yet, what are your reasons?