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I’m Old Now, But I Avoid Back Pain with These Things

You wouldn’t know it if you saw me, but I’m highly active in two sports. My family plays a lot of soccer in our community, and I’m currently a blue belt in taekwondo.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that proactive care helps me deal with my back pain more effectively than reactive responses. That’s why I’ve implemented these habits into my daily routine, and my recommendation would be for you to do the same. 

1. Practice Good Posture

I’ve found that slouching can really cause a number on my back. Although it feels natural to sit with a hunched back at times, I try to maintain a better posture. I’ve also invested in a seat cushion that helps me with this goal. 

2. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Yeah… it’s been more salads and fewer cheeseburgers lately. By keeping the weight under control, I’ve noticed significant improvements in my knees and lower back. 

3. Fill in Dietary Gaps

I like to use products from BrainMD and Pure Encapsulations to take care of my body. They help to manage my pain levels without needing to use prescription meds.

4. Use Specific Exercises

Taking the time to stretch out my back before running on a soccer field or kicking on the mat helps me feel better afterward.

5. Implement a Recovery Routine

I use a percussion massager on my back almost constantly. It’s arguably the highlight of my day, especially when everything there is stiff and sore.

These efforts have helped me to keep up with kids 20 years younger. Although I still get sore, it’s a good feeling because I know I’m staying healthy.