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I’m a Fan of Hot Ones on YouTube: Here Are My Favorite Sauces

My secret vice is Gordon Ramsay. I watch almost every cooking show he’s produced over the years. That means we’re always in front of the TV when Hell’s Kitchen is on.

My other viewing vice is Hot Ones. When Ramsay went on that show, I had one of the biggest laughs I can remember having in recent years.

Those hot sauces might inspire a great laugh, but they’re also pretty tasty. Here are my favorites – and don’t forget about stocking up on Genestra acid reflux products to deal with the heartburn!

1. Secret Aardvark

This habanero hot sauce delivers an explosion of Caribbean flavors with just a touch of Tex-Mex goodness. That makes it a great choice for everything from scrambled eggs to baked chicken. It’s not as hot as you’d expect, but the slow burn can catch up with you. 

2. Da Bomb

When you consume this hot sauce, you’re getting 135,600 Scoville heat units. Honestly, it feels like more than that. Once it hits the back of your throat, it doesn’t want to go away. That’s what makes it special.

3. Heartbeat Habanero

I’m going to be a rebel on this one and say that you should go with the pineapple habanero. I’m not a big fan of the fermented red peppers found in the other combinations. 

4. Dirty Dick’s

The smiling hog on the bottle’s label is confirmation that you’ll be happy to put this product on anything. You’ll get notes of raisin and banana, making it a great choice for stir-fry dishes.

5. Howler Monkey

You’ll get red scotch bonnet flavors with this beautiful hot sauce, spiked with turmeric, cumin, and black pepper. It’s tangy, with a bit of garlic on the aftertaste, which makes it quite addictive.

What are some of your favorite Hot Ones hot sauces?