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If I Were President, Here Would Be My 100-Day Agenda

One of the traditions of American presidents is to get off to a fast start. The first 100 days are often a critical part of the entire administration.

If an aggressive and optimistic tone isn’t set in that time, the entire four years of service can feel like wasted energy. 

Past presidents have seen lots of success. When Americans elected FDR in 1933, the stock market rose 145% in his first 100 days after three years of economic depression. Less than 48 hours after the inauguration, he issued a proclamation that halted banking activities for a week.

Gerald Ford saw an opposite result. Inflation soared in his first 100 days when taking over after Nixon’s resignation.

In 2021, here would be my priority for the first 100 days.

1. Meaningful Climate Change

We need to act now to find ways to counter the effects of climate change. Whether it’s natural or human-made doesn’t matter. We must look for ways to mitigate potential impacts.

2. Space Safety

If a planet-killer asteroid hits us, everything is over. We don’t have the capabilities to find these potential extinction-level event makers until it is too late. That needs to change.

3. Economic Balance

The United States has become a top-heavy nation with wealth. It’s time to balance the scales a little. During the Golden Era in the 1950s, the top tax tier was over 90%. Couldn’t we do something like that for salaries over $10 million?

4. Police Reform

Yes – most police officers are passionate about what they do and try to help their communities daily. We need to give them more tools to be successful at their jobs while training them to preserve life whenever possible.

5. Guaranteed Global Taxes

We need to sign agreements with other developed nations to impose a minimum corporate tax. This step would stop haven development that limits social service access.

What would you want to accomplish in your first 100 days as president?