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I Would Be Devastated if Anything Happened to Tiger Woods

When Tiger Woods drove off the road and severely injured himself, the 15-time major winner gave me what felt like a heart attack.

That man single-handedly brought me into golf. I know that the guy has had his struggles and made some mistakes (more than a few!), but that doesn’t change his talent or impact on my life.

I never really had a great relationship with my stepfather when growing up. We tolerated each other, but that was the extent of who we were as a family.

He would go into his office each day to work on something, and I’d stay in my room to pursue my hobbies. My stepfather didn’t come into my world, and I didn’t enter his.

Tiger Woods changed that. He helped us see that we had some common ground with our love of golf. For a few weekends each year, we’d hit the links to put down 18 holes and talk about what was happening in life.

Woods Is Recovering with Pins in His Leg

The accident was bad enough that Woods went right into surgery to correct his shattered leg. Although I’ve never had a severe injury like that, I can certainly remember the knees that I blew out playing sports as a kid.

If those were super painful, I could only imagine what Woods was going through right after getting pulled from his vehicle.

I know some people say that this result is karma. I think we should also look at how the pro golfers rallied around him, wearing his signature look in the tournament after the accident.

Can you imagine a world where forgiveness is our first option instead of condemnation?

Although I doubt Woods will break the records that we all thought he could when he was younger, I’m still cheering for the guy. We all deserve another chance to pursue our dreams, whatever they might be.