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I Started Taking Omega-3 and Never Looked Back

It was about a decade ago when my health troubles started. I’ve always had migraines, but the one that developed was the worst thing I’d ever experienced. 

The headache lasted for a week. By the time I could get to the doctor and get a shot for it, my body was spent.

It turned out that a small brain hemorrhage had caused my massive headache. It turned into a lesion, and it’s still getting tracked to this day.

One of the first things added to my treatment plan was an omega-3 supplement. After I started taking that, I’ve never looked back because it makes me feel like myself.

Omega-3s Have Blood Platelet Health Benefits

I was told to take omega-3s due to their ability to prevent blood platelets from clumping. It was thought that issue was the cause of the small hemorrhage that I experienced.

By preventing them from clumping, it is harder for blood clots to form.

I’m also not the thinnest person on the planet. Omega-3s have a secondary benefit that prevents plaque buildup from happening inside the arteries. That outcome can stop them from hardening.

Omega-3s also raise good HDL levels, reduce blood pressure numbers, and prevent the inflammatory response from being overboard. 

I’ve even found that my ADHD is a bit less bothersome after taking omega-3s for so many years.

When I need to restock my supply, I turn to brands like Pure Encapsulations and Core Med Science. They let me get the dosage I need quickly and conveniently so that my health goals stay within reach.

My headaches are gone, my weight is under control, and I’m out there living the best life possible. Thank you, omega-3s! Without you, it wouldn’t be possible.