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I Sleep 5 Hours So I Can Get More Done

I hear a lot of people complaining about how their life is busy. I’m sure that it is in many ways from their perspective.

I also know that there are people out there who are busier than I am.

What I will say is that 2020 taught me how to get organized with my time. With four kids in my home, all needing help with schoolwork, remote learning days turn into nights where I must be productive.

That’s why I try to work early in the morning to supplement the hours I can’t fit into the equation at night. It has turned into a habit where I get five hours of sleep.

How I Manage My Daily Routine

When I first wake up, that’s when I rehydrate. I try to drink an entire liter of water before doing anything else.

If I’m not going to have time for breakfast, I’ll try to drink a liter of coconut water instead.

After completing the morning routine, I take a 30-minute walk around my neighborhood. I love how the night air feels crisp, and the birds are just starting to sing their morning songs.

Once I get back home, that’s why I take my Herb Pharm and Neuroscience.

By now, I’ve got 2-3 hours before the kids are getting up. I snag a quick breakfast and get to work.

Once everyone gets settled in their classes (if they are home), I get back into the office to take care of more stuff. The day becomes a back-and-forth of trying to accomplish as much as possible on both fronts.

When the kids are done with school for the day, we spend the next hour together doing something fun. We’ll bake cookies, play a game, or watch a show. If we have sports to manage, that comes next.

After dinner is when I finish up my day. Although my energy levels are nearing their end at that time, there’s always just enough to finish strong.

This routine might not work for everyone, but it does work for me. What practices do you use to get more done?