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I Have No Plans to Switch to Plant-Based Anything

It’s true. I have a long-standing relationship with cheeseburgers.

I don’t fault people for wanting to go meatless in today’s society. It doesn’t take long for you to see online that the amount of water that goes into producing beef could be better served in other ways.

Still, when that 100% all-beef patty starts sizzling on the grill, your nose picks up on that scent. Your stomach rumbles. It’s time to eat!

Although some plant-based alternatives, such as the Impossible burger, are out there to try, I’m not switching. Here are my reasons.

1. Animal Protein is Better

Is animal protein better than plant-based protein? Although you’ll get different opinions, plants lack certain amino acids that you need to maintain your health. I’d rather get everything from one meal instead of needing several other options.

2. Better Digestion

Full disclosure: with how my stomach reacts, I like to use products from Nutrimedix and Source Naturals to keep my digestion where it should be. I’ve found that having high-quality animal proteins available makes me feel fuller faster without having as many GI tract issues.

3. Cost

The cost of purchasing plant-based protein is comparable to what you’ll pay for a high-quality steak. Although this issue might not apply to everyone, I have a tight budget to consider when shopping.

4. Bolder Flavors

Although this final issue is entirely subjective, I’ve found that animal protein tends to hold herbs and spices better during the baking process than plant-based choices. If you disagree, try coating a burger and its alternative with some fresh basil, chili powder, and cumin. By the time everything is finished, the fat in the meat caramelizes everything in ways that you won’t get with plants.

I get it. Plant-based diets are necessary for some people. That works for them, but this approach combined with using products from Source Naturals and Nutramedix works for me!