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I Cannot Trust My Doctor and That Scares Me

I started having headaches in 2012. Although I’d had migraines in the past, these were especially painful. They made my body feel weak, I was sensitive to light, and a few hot and cold flashes would happen.

When I visited the doctor, she complimented me on coming in with those symptoms. They ran an MRI.

I got a call about a week later. “I’ve never seen anything like what the results are,” she told me. “I need to send you to a specialist.”

That was the start of a three-year journey. After seeing 17 doctors and specialists, encountering dozens of tests, and receiving high-level neurological care, it was determined that a brain lesion had formed to cause those symptoms.

My Doctor Didn’t Believe the Results

When the neurologist presented the results and added his opinion to my file, my doctor decided to do the same thing.

She disagreed with the finding. Her diagnosis was that everything was in my head.

It didn’t matter that I had all of those symptoms. She felt that my life circumstances were too stressful for the average person, which meant I was manifesting everything that was happening.

My neurologist prescribed medication for nerve pain and muscle twitches so that most of my physical problems could go away. As for my doctor, she decided to set me up with a CBT professional and prescribe anti-depressants.

I’ll give you a guess as to which perspective I followed.

Bad Experiences Lead to Mistrust of the Industry

If you’ve had a bad experience with a doctor, I’d recommend finding someone new. Although anyone can make mistakes, you must find a medical professional who takes the time to listen to you.

I know it’s easy to put your symptoms into Google to find a rare and fatal disease. Don’t put yourself through that wringer! If something doesn’t feel right, keep searching for a doctor who will listen.

Now that it’s been almost ten years since that experience, the treatment regimen I have is working well. I’ve been sleeping well, losing some weight, and being more active. Almost all of the symptoms are gone except for the occasional muscle twitch.

I could not trust my doctor. That’s why I found one that could help.