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I Can Knit, and It’s Incredibly Useful

I’ve always needed to do something with my hands to stay focused. Some people use fidget toys, others bounce their legs, and I knit.

Yes – I can knit. It’s more useful than you might think as a hobby. Not only does it help me to stay focused on a conversation or topic, but it also serves as a point of meditation.

When I’m knitting, the stress just melts away from my body.

What Are the Benefits of Knitting? 

If you have a creative spirit, I think you’ll appreciate what knitting can provide. Here are some of the benefits I’ve experienced with this hobby.

1. Lower Blood Pressure

Since knitting is such a relaxing activity, my stress levels stay low. With that outcome, my blood pressure has seen a significant improvement. Although some coffee spikes things (I don’t recommend it), I’ve been a lot happier and healthier.

2. Chronic Pain Relief

I have a lot of chronic pain from a knee injury from back in the day. When I’m knitting, I don’t notice the discomfort much. It’s kept me away from painkillers.

3. Emotional Stability

I can focus on the task while limiting my mind to a single consciousness stream when I’m knitting. The racing thoughts disappear, as does a lot of the negative self-talk.

4. Reduced Anxiety

I feel confident when I’m knitting. There’s no one around to judge me. Even if someone doesn’t like what I’ve made, it doesn’t matter. I create because it’s something I love to do. 

It’s a surprisingly affordable hobby. If you’re looking to pick up something new this year, I highly recommend knitting!