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How to Know If You Are Weird

“Here comes the weirdo…” 

Have you ever been greeted like that when you walk into the room with your friends? Do they all rule you out as being the weird one

How many nights have you spent wondering if the things you do and the way you act is something that makes you strange among your friends? If you can find yourself in the same state, then hold your breath because we have four ultimate hints that will help you to know if you’re weird. 

Being weird isn’t bad unless you’re weird like you pick things from your body and share it with people, embarrass people around you, or make people feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

But even then, would you want to change yourself just to fit in a world where people already have a hard time accepting the norms of society? That’s entirely a different topic that needs another set of debates, so for now, let’s stick to knowing if you’re weird once and for all. Shall we get started, weirdo? 

Do You Crack Jokes That Only You laugh At?

Next time you crack a joke in your group of friends, notice how many people are laughing at it. Also, work on your humor skills and learn where to use different kinds of humor. Not everyone appreciates all types of comedy. Just because you think something is humorous doesn’t mean others have to. Read the room. If others aren’t laughing or are pretending to laugh, it might be time to use more broad humor, as dull as that sounds

Do People Talk to You or Is it the other way round? 

Usually, when people find someone weird, they abstain from talking to them. You’ll know this when you’re in a classroom or a gathering where people would make themselves scatter as far away from you. If this sounds like you, try changing your tactics. Start by talking about something more mundane, such as music, movies, or something like the weather. 

What Movies do You Have on Your Movie List?

This doesn’t determine if you’re weird, but if your list has movies with strange titles that nobody has ever heard of, then maybe there’s a slight chance you have a weirdo in you. Maybe also try to avoid talking too much about preferences towards horror films or things that are overtly sexual, as this can make some people especially uncomfortable.

Is Your Playlist Unheard Of? 

When it’s your turn to play songs in the car, and you play your songs, do people keep asking you to change it? The reason being that they want to hear a song they can sing along to, unlike your songs, which sound as if they’re from a different world. If this doesn’t sound familiar, then you need not worry, my friend, but if it is then… well, give popular songs another go and maybe you’ll find something you like.  
We hope by the time you’re done reading this, you have successfully reached some conclusion that you are not weird (or maybe you are just creative).