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How to Get Started LARPING With a Fantasy Combat Group

LARPING, which stands for live-action roleplaying, is a social activity where people dress up as fictional characters from a fantasy world and role play those characters as if they were real. This can include combat, conversations, and so much more.

LARPING is a great way to bring your favorite fantasy worlds off the page, out of the movies, and from your favorite RPG video games. Once out in the real world among people you can call friends, things get so much more exciting. 

This group of people can also help you to learn the finer points of things. You can definitely feel out of place the first time you go out wearing a blanket for a cape and carrying a foam sword. But once you find the right group of people, you will blend right in.

You will also want to learn who the “game master” is because they will be in charge of guiding how the game is played. You don’t want everyone standing around and being unsure of what they should be doing. That won’t be fun. So, assign roles to people, explain the situation you will be roleplaying, and then have fun.

Want to join in? Here’s how you can get involved!

Build Your Character

First up is creating your fantasy character. What you can and can not put into this character may be up to the game master. In some events, the characters are premade, and you have to take on that role as either a character who is actively engaging in the world, or you may be tasked to play a non-player character, such as a blacksmith. 

Regardless, it is a good idea to know what character you would like to play. You can get a lot of ideas from movies, books, comics, and video games. You can even adopt a non-fantasy character in your fantasy world. Give them a backstory, pick their class, and create a costume.


The last step is preparation. Make sure you have your essentials packed and ready to go, including food, drinks, and any medical essentials. You can also keep an extra pair of clothes in case you need to change after the event.

Once you’ve out playing, it is time to unwind and get into character. Mingle with the other LARPers to get the most out of the event!