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How to Deal With Stringy Eye Mucus Caused by Eye Infections

The gunk that is found in the corner of your eye when you wake up is known as “sleep” Interesting, right?

When your eye is healthy, the “sleep” is dry, crusty, and easily removed. It is typically made of debris you pick up in and around the eyes during the day, as well as discharge from the body. Things change when the eye gunk is discharged in a larger volume when you have an eye infection. To the point that it might become stringy eye mucus.. This is because of a medical condition called conjunctivitis, which is also known as “pink eye.” This occurs when the membrane surrounding the white part of the eye gets inflamed. 

If you have had an eye infection, then you are familiar with the fact that this can cause swollen, itchy, and irritated eyes. You might even have experienced white, yellow (most common), or green mucus that forms a crust along the lash. 

Why has this happened, or why is it possibly happening to you right now? Find out some tips for better management of these eye problems below. 

Dealing With Stringy Eye Mucus

Read on to get an idea of how to better manage or prevent an eye infection. 

  • Wash your hands twice, thrice, and as many times as you can to keep them as clean as a new pin. Dirt going into your eyes, aggravates the tissue and can lead to infections. 
  • Stop touching your eyes unnecessarily, especially if you suspect a new infection. We know it gets particularly tough to not scratch the eye when there is an infection, but scratching is one way for the infection to spread. 
  • Switch to glasses or wash your contact lenses more frequently – never go to bed with them in and don’t reuse unclean lens.
  • Avoid cosmetics such as eyeliners and mascara. If you had an eye infection, or are sharing makeup with someone who has one, then cosmetics can cause or worsen eye problems. 
  • Every morning, soak a corner of a washcloth in warm water and gently wipe around the eye. This will remove mucus, clean away debris, and help to relax the inflamed eye. 
  • Use De3, which is a formula for healthy eyes; or Nordic Naturals, which includes products for eye health and brain function. Combining these or other formulas seeks to support normal tear production, the health of the tissue, and overall comfort.

Eye infections sometimes heal on their own. In other cases, it is important to schedule a doctor’s appointment if you notice a change in frequency, consistency, or color of any discharge coming from the eye. Until then, if you contract an eye infection and are sick of that stringy stuff leaking from your eyes, follow the above suggestions and be smarter about touching your eyes!