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How to Build a Wishing Well

Did you ever have a wishing well in your childhood? A small, pert-looking well made up of bricks or woods, and even containing water and plants inside it? These wishing wells make your garden look ten times nicer, and kids love playing inside, and around it. 

Wishing wells are easy to make at home, contrary to the impression their name gives. They might be a small abyss, empty or filled, but they don’t serve that exact purpose. These are just to decorate the outdoors and let kids have fun in the evenings, and therefore, are manageable at home.

In this article, we will briefly have a look at how you can build a wishing well at home. 

What You Will Need: 

Note: The measurements are to be set according to the size of the wishing well.

  1. You would need a lumber board which is wider than it is thick – the base.
  2. Around 1 meter of wood; either timber or lumber – for the palings, rafters, braces, and slats.
  3. About 4 meters of metal strap this is protectively coated with zinc.
  4. Around 30 long screws.
  5. Roof boards that would make the roof of the well.
  6. Galvanized bolts and flathead nails.
  7. Safety gloves, tape measure, chalk line, carpentry pencil, and drill machinery.

The Plan:

  • We have to make the base first, so use the palings and align them on a level surface.
  • Space the palings crucially to form a good circle. Angle them such that your total palings make a 360-degree turn.
  • Nail 2 metal straps using galvanized flathead nails; from the top and the bottom.
  • With a little bit more of science and engineering, form a fixed circle using the metal straps.
  • Position the plywood template at the bottom of the well and lock it in using the metal strap, to close the base.
  • Coming to the roof structure, the extended palings need to be cut at 30 degrees, while the rafters must be cut at 60 degrees. 
  • Using the slats, attach them to the rafters using screws to attach the roof board. 
  • Drill holes to attach the spindle and the handle to complete your wishing well appearance.

Since we have not mentioned the measurements, you need to plan out your construction more specifically with the calculations. Once done, throw in a coin in your self-made wishing well and make a wish!