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How I Gained 30 Pounds of Muscle Mass in One Year

When 2020 started, I had the goal to trim up and gain some muscle mass. The first three months seemed to be going well, and I’d established a routine at my local gym that seemed to be paying off.

That’s when COVID struck. I had to spend ten weeks in lockdown, starting in March. After spending a week grieving the loss of my routine and catching up on The Walking Dead, I got back to work.

The first step of my journey was to create a home gym. I stocked up on my supplies from Premier Research Labs and Douglas Laboratories.

Once I had everything ready, I got to work. Here’s how I gained 30 pounds of muscle mass despite the COVID shutdowns.

1. I Improved My Sleep Routine

I was getting about five hours of sleep each night. Although successful people get up early, I was also going to bed late. My first step was to hit seven hours, and now I’m averaging about 7.5 hours routinely.

2. I started eating more.

I found myself inspired by this story on Nerd Fitness. Although I didn’t want to be like Hulk, I could relate to the guy’s story. His personal trainer simplified the workout and had him eating more food. I did the same, and found that my muscle mass started increasing dramatically.

3. I drank more water.

I used to consume all of those protein shakes and stuff when I first started exercising. Although that helped, the food was better than the liquid for me. I switched to water for my workouts, doubled my intake, and it worked incredibly well. If you lose a lot of electrolytes during your sessions, something like Gatorade could work better.

4. I loaded up on carbs after.

Your body can rebuild muscle faster during your rest days when you have a proper carbohydrate binge. This step increases insulin to slow protein breakdowns. It doesn’t need to be a massive boost. I liked having peanut butter sandwiches.

5. I stayed consistent.

You can’t take too many days off when you want to build muscle mass. When I wasn’t feeling a full workout, I’d pursue another physical activity. It’s also why I’m now taking taekwondo lessons.

I reached my goals in 12 months, with 75% of that time either alone or with the help of a virtual trainer. That means you can do something similar in 2021.