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Here is Proof That Bigfoot is Real

Bigfoot is an ape like creature that walks around like a human being. It is said that this creature is found in the forests of North America. There are also many stats and bits of information about how the creature looks. A male creature such as a Bigfoot is said to be approximately 8 feet tall and weigh somewhere around 400 pounds. The only problem is that a lot of people still think that this creature is just a story from old times and that there is no reality to the existence of Bigfoot. 

Here are some proofs regarding its existence:

Video Proof

The biggest and the most credible proof about these ape like creatures is the video tape in which a female Bigfoot was recorded in the forests. This video was recorded back in 1967 by Roger Pattinson in North California. In the video clip, there is visual proof of an ape like creature moving along the riverbank. Since it was recorded decades ago with camera that have poor image quality, the result is a little blurred, but the shape seen is very clear and one can easily say that the spotted creature wasn’t a human. 

Human Sightings

There have also been tons of people on the lookout who have spent years and years trying to look for the creature. One such dedicate individual is Matt Moneymaker who has spent ages in the woods to get a glimpse of the creature. He finally succeeded in eastern Ohio when he came in view of Bigfoot in the woods. According to him, it was 2 in the morning and the Bigfoot was 15 feet away from him, growling at him about how he is in the wrong place. He further strengthened his argument by stating that the creature he saw was indeed 8 foot tall. 

Footsteps and Casts

More evidence were footprints found by investigators. A footprint found in Walla Walla in Washington State convinced a lot of people that Bigfoot is indeed real. According to experts, the texture of the footprint was twice as thick as that of a human proving that it was some other creature. The print was also lengthwise while human prints flow across. 

Other than that, a cast was also made. This cast was made from the position of an animal that has laid down on its side. It was huge and had imprints of thigh, buttocks, forearm and a heel. The cast is 400 pounds huge and confirms the existence of Bigfoot.