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Here Is My List of Activities That Should Be in the Olympics

I grew up playing soccer and taking taekwondo lessons. It warms my heart to see both events in the Olympics. 

Although I know that I would never qualify to be an Olympic athlete, it feels good to know that others have the chance to pursue opportunities that I never had.

With that thought in mind, I’ve come up with a fun list of other activities that should be part of the Olympics.

What Activities Should Become the Next Olympic Sports?

1. Chess

Hear me out. You have a pre-qualifying tournament to create a field of 16 players. Once they reach the Olympics, you have five minutes to take a turn. The gold medalist then earns a “Chessmaster” title until the next competition. 

2. Kabbadi

This sport is what happens when someone decides to combine tag with wrestling. With two teams of seven players, it even includes some old-fashioned Red Rover moments.

3. Slapping

Competitive slapping is one of the greatest sports ever inventing. It’s like arm wrestling, except you have to keep going until someone quits.

4. Beer Pong

Maybe this sport isn’t kid-friendly, but it would be my one chance to become an Olympic athlete. Even if I lose, I’m still a winner if the beer is good.

5. Parkour

If they’ll award medals for skateboarding, why not include this sport in the mix? Freerunning tests the speed and flexibility of the participant, and you could even run the event in the same course as the skateboarders.

6. Napping

I’m serious here. People don’t sleep well these days. If we see other people taking naps, it could be like a giant yawn the world takes. It makes me feel tired even thinking about it!

What sports do you think should be in the Olympics?