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Build a Moat and Buy an Alligator to Keep Neighbors Away

Looking for a permanent fix to discourage annoying neighbors turning up at your door, or a baseball that drifts into your house, now and then, with a kid ringing the doorbell soon afterward? We have the fix for you – it’s permanent, a one-time effort, and very effective. Build a moat! 

Moats are deep, dry, or wet ditches that are built encircling a house (or castle, from ancient times) and are broad enough to provide a line of defense. The idea might be conventional, but the purpose remains the same – keeping unwanted interruptions away. 

How to Build a Moat – All You Need to Know 

The construction part is not yours to think; your workers would know how to build one. However, you must be aware of the important bits to (which also depends on how vexed you are with your neighbors). 

  • Check the legality of building a moat in your municipality. You may need a building permit or other clearances. 
  • They are expensive to build, which is obvious if we look back at history. Only castle owners had a moat. You will need digging equipment, a system to hold water, a water regeneration system, a bridge, and any animals you intend on adding to the water. 
  • Consider the climate of your area before you build a moat – in winters, the moats might freeze over, making passage across simple.
  • In hot weather, stagnant water could lead to odors and mosquitos. Proper maintenance is thus required. 
  • You can put alligators (for a stronger scare) or piranhas in the moats for further distancing. This would make a sight to see. Again, check local laws about owning such creatures. Also, carry liability insurance.
  • You might need a moat-worker to tend to the animals, keep things clean, and any signs in a place where they can be easily seen.

The Egyptians first invented moats, and these can also be seen today around the American landmarks. While hypothetically, it is an amazing idea because not only does it isolate your dwelling quite profusely, it is also environmentally favorable. It keeps the surrounding cool, calm, and peaceful. The alligators are just another idea of fun; you can have fishes and water-animals inside the moat, as a live aquarium.