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Best Outdoor Places I Like to Get Drunk

Like you, I’m getting tired of all the different rules that keep changing because of the coronavirus. First, you can go to a bar, and then you can’t do it unless there are 100 square feet of space.

You can get a beer at a restaurant, and then you can’t unless you’re bringing it home to consume.

People are freaking out over a lack of toilet paper, but I’m pissed off because the store won’t restock its scotch supply.

We’re all going to be getting drunk outside until there’s a vaccine or enough natural immunity develops to this new coronavirus. Stock up on your Derma E, DesBio, and NOW Foods supplies, get comfortable, and join me in my favorite spots.

Where Do I Love Getting Drunk Outside?

Goin’ Fishing

The best reason to go fishing is that you can have a beer at any time. Who cares if it is 7 AM? It’s five o’clock somewhere in the world! Crack open a cold one, cast a line, and enjoy the sunrise with some suds.

On My Porch

I have a beautiful flagstone porch that lets me watch the sunset each night at home. I sit out there with some citronella candles to avoid the mosquitoes, a six-pack of IPA, and some time on my hands. Sometimes the neighbors join me, but the evenings are usually just me and my favorite brew.

My Backyard

Everything that applies to my front porch also works for my deck in the backyard. Having a burger from the grill is an extra benefit. The wife even joins me for some wine back there on occasion.

Anywhere in Las Vegas

You can take your drinks along the Strip. When the stars come out, people start slapping those cards and drunk laughing at everything. I don’t mind joining them, although most folks get tipsy on frozen margaritas way too quickly for my taste.

Christine’s House

Christine lives down the street. She and my wife are best friends. They let me watch football and drink for free when we’re there.

At the Cemetery

Hear me out on this one. It’s quiet in a cemetery, dead people don’t mooch, and you know you’ve had too much when you hear voices. It’s a good recipe.

In the Backcountry

Some people bring water on nature hikes. I bring whiskey. The only problem is trying to pack all your bottles and cans back out after the adventure. The cold air of the mountains, a bubbling stream, and me being drunk is a lot of fun!

Where do you like to get drunk outdoors?