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America Survived an Attempted Coup, and Now I Feel Patriotic

I have this friend. I’ll call her “Jennifer” for the purpose of this piece.

Jennifer went from a 100% mask wearer to a 100% QAnon follower. When the attempted insurrection happened on January 6, she was live-streaming the whole thing on Facebook.

It’s tough to see people with American flags storming your government buildings because they disagree with an election result. I mean, I haven’t voted for the winner of a Presidential election ever!

I feel patriotic not because I sit in judgment of an attempted coup. It’s because I feel like I’ve been faithful to myself the entire time.

What Does Patriotism Mean in 2021?

The truth about American politics today is that most people don’t care about what side of the aisle you’re on. Our issues are one of respect.

I count friends on conservative, libertarian and liberal sides, including Jennifer. She’s very close to the extreme, although she’ll say that white supremacy is what got our country into the mess it is in currently.

Although it gets a little rowdy when we’re all together, there’s still value in the friendship. We don’t disconnect because of different political beliefs.

When there’s disrespect for those beliefs, through micro-aggression, outright lies, or false accusations, people start to have problems.

I feel patriotic today because I’ve stayed here to fight for my country. My trucks don’t have flags, my home doesn’t have signs, but I’m out there every day trying to help make life a little better.

When I coach youth sports, that’s what makes me a patriot.

If you share a sandwich with a homeless individual, that makes you a patriot – in my opinion, anyway.

When I spend time with the family helping them with homework, I am being a patriot.

Anyone can storm a government building. It takes a real patriot to lift others up each day. That’s why I hope you’ll join me in that effort.