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man in brown and white plaid dress shirt wearing black framed eyeglasses

I have a lot of problems with you people, and now you are going to hear about it.

There are a lot of sites out there that bother me. They censor themselves to keep their ads, they don’t say what they really think, and they care more about getting likes on social media than speaking with honesty. 

Know what I love? Hanging out with my buddies and telling it like it is! We have lots of disagreements, but we work out our differences and move on. Society has lost that. We don’t know how to talk to each other.

I love sports, politics, and staying healthy in a way that a man should stay healthy – drinking bourbon, eating steak, and taking long walks through the woods with your dog while contemplating the purpose of man. I even built my house with my own hands and the trees in my backyard.

I’m here to give it to your straight. No fluff. No BS. Only the facts as I see them. If you disagree, tell me your opinion! I’ll do my best to respond!