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5 Ways I Use Social Media for Motivation and Not Comparison

When you look at someone’s Facebook feed, it often seems like they’re living the perfect life. The average person doesn’t post about their failures. Who wants to be reminded of those problems?

Instead, we post smiling photos of our families. We talk about our successes at work, the volunteerism we do in the community, or our latest accomplishments.

If we look at that perfection and compare it to real life, the latter doesn’t stand up for most people. That’s why I use social media for motivation.

If I want to be where I see other people are, I must put in the hard work necessary to reach that goal.

How to Motivate Yourself to Work Harder

It wasn’t that long ago when I’d stumble into a Monday morning with a triple-shot espresso in one hand and my briefcase in the other. That 8 AM meeting always felt like the worst moment of the week.

Not only did we have two hours of product updates and customer concerns to manage, but we also had five straight days at the office to contemplate. 

Here is how I transformed my life by motivating myself through social media and hard work.

1. I wanted it.

The first step to motivate yourself is to decide on your goals. Find what you want, then pursue those outcomes with everything you’ve got.

2. Take control.

Don’t let other people try to steer you away from your goals. The only person who makes decisions for your life is you. Everything is in your hands.

3. Create the right environment.

You are not an island. When you want something in life, surround yourself with people who have similar goals. You should feel inspired by their presence instead of torn down by it.

4. Stay focused.

Social media can be distracting. I keep the notifications turned off, scrolling through my feeds for only two 10-minute sessions each day. 

5. Be persistent.

No one is perfect. You’ll make mistakes, encounter failure, and feel like giving up. If you have the mental strength to keep going, you can accomplish almost anything.

Social media doesn’t need to be disruptive in unwanted ways. When it serves as motivation, it can help you reach almost any goal.