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5 UFO Documentaries that Will Make You Believe as I Do

I grew up watching The X-Files. My best friend would come over, we’d sit in our blanket tent, and we’d talk about the world’s best conspiracy theories.

When we got to high school, our parents thought we were having sex. Nope – we were still arguing about Mulder and Scully. We even dressed up as them for Halloween together one year.

I didn’t want to believe. I ALWAYS believed! When you see these UFO documentaries, you’ll want to become a believer like me.

1. Witness of Another World

I love this documentary because it keeps you grounded in the real world. Instead of weird tales that involve way too much probing, you get to see what happens to the people who experience these encounters. Instead of proving that aliens exist, you know what happens when someone believes they touched a higher intelligence.

2. UFOs: The Secret History

With over three hours of additional commentary with the documentary, there’s a treasure trove of information waiting for you with this selection. You’ll watch interviews with leading researchers, expert analysis of the story, and plenty of information that makes you want to believe.

3. America’s Book of Secrets

It’s a docuseries instead of a single film, but that fact only adds to the intrigue. You’ll learn about government cover-ups, alien encounters, suspected abductions, and all of the other strange stuff associated with UFOs. If you don’t know much about Area 51, start streaming this on Netflix today.

4. The Search for Life in Space

Although not technically about UFOs, this documentary still discusses the pros and cons of searching for extraterrestrial vessels. Since the moons of Jupiter have already shown evidence of microorganisms, what else could be waiting out there beyond our solar system?

5. Unacknowledged

You’ll get to know some high-level military personnel who served during several presidential administrations. It doesn’t shy away from the conspiracy angle, describing UFOs as a false flag that could augment fear to cause people to give up their rights. Some even suggest that this idea might be an effort to create a one-world government.

All of these choices are excellent. Start streaming one today to see what the rest of the universe has waiting for us.