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4 Conspiracy Theories That I Am Working to Prove

Some conspiracy theories are downright ridiculous. There aren’t chemtrails left in the sky, paid actors at mass shootings, or fake dinosaur bones buried in the ground.

History also teaches us that some conspiracy theories are based on facts. Do you remember Project Sunshine, when the U.S. government stole deceased children and body parts to perform radioactive testing?

My favorite conspiracy theory is when President Woodrow Wilson had a stroke. Hence, his wife made the executive decisions for over a year instead of delegating it to the Vice President.

In that spirit, these are the conspiracy theories I’m working to prove right now.

The Existence of Aliens

I don’t believe that we have reptilian overlords or demons who want to be intimate with us in our sleep. I think Area 51 is filled with super-secret aircraft that our government intends to use or sell. How did we make such a giant technological leap since the 1980s to where we are today? The universe is big enough for other lifeforms to exist. Even the Bible says that “beasts” are in heaven, worshipping God.

MLK’s Assassination

We know that James Earl Ray pleaded guilty to killing Martin Luther King, Jr., one year after the civil rights leader died in Memphis. What many don’t know or remember is that three separate investigations went into his death. One of them concluded that a wider conspiracy was involved, perhaps including the KKK or the FBI. Someone needs to keep looking for the hard evidence, so it might as well be me.

Bigfoot (Sasquatch)

Over 2,000 Bigfoot sightings have happened in Washington state. Hundreds more get reported around the world. Although the original footprints in 1958 were proven to be a prank, the FBI tested hair and tissue samples that were believed to be from this “mythical” creature. Peter Byrne, who sent in the materials for testing, identified three sets of possible Yeti footprints in the Himalayas. There are enough sightings to make it plausible. I’ll set the record straight. 

The Denver Airport

You won’t believe how big the Denver airport is until you step inside of it. It’s double the size of the one in Manhattan. Contractors were $2 billion over budget when it finally opened. Although most of the conspiracy theories are bogus, I think there could be some truth to the neo-Nazi involvement in its creation. If you look at the runway pattern from above, you can clearly see a swastika. The New World Airport Commission allegedly funded the project. Good luck with finding any information about that organization.

This isn’t over! These are just the beginning, and soon I will jump head first into more conspiracy theories!