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10 Uses For Vodka You Didn’t Know Were a Thing

Flavorful, subdued, and congenial with other beverages, vodka is a go-to alcoholic drink for many. But did you know that vodka has other “non-consumable” uses that dramatically boosts its popularity? That’s right, your booze is quite the helper around the house, and for many other things that you never imagined it could be useful for. Let us have a look at some of the creative uses for vodka.

Creative Uses For Vodka

  1. Removes Bad Odors From Smelly Areas: A dab of vodka on your armpits or feet can kill the bad smell within seconds. 
  2. Cleans Windows: Alcohol does wonders for infections and cleaning. Hand-cleaning with vodka is common; try spritzing it on your windows and mirrors to make them squeaky clean. 
  3. Keeps Dark Colors From Fading: While you have vodka stored in a sprayer, squirt it on your dark-colored clothes and the color will last longer. 
  4. Bug Repellent: Add lavender oil for scent, and spray the mixed vodka on your skin to act as an effective bug repellent.
  5. Mouthwash: Containing ethanol and water, primarily, vodka is extremely effective to treat toothaches and to disinfect the mouth. For general purposes and a nice, refreshing mouth-smell, people commonly use vodka with cinnamon. 
  6. Treats Toothaches: Soak vodka on a cotton ball and let it sit on the aching tooth. Effectively alleviates the pain. 
  7. Freshens Flowers: Vodka works to preserve gestures of affection as well. A few drops, with a teaspoon of sugar added to the flower vase will keep the flowers fresh for longer. 
  8. Better Hair: Make your hair prettier and shinier with vodka added to shampoo. 
  9. Better-Looking Jewelry: While vodka can make your skin and hair shinier, it can also polish your jewelry. Soak your diamonds, emeralds, or whichever gemstone you wish in vodka for five minutes, and get them as gleaming as new. 
  10. Takes Out The Sting: Have poison ivy? A jellyfish sting? Immediately apply vodka to alleviate the pain and soothe the skin. 

While vodka is a multipurpose household item, it is important to remember that its consumption must always be limited and monitored.