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Vinyl: How to Care For Your Records

Do you have vinyl records? Maybe you’re even in a vinyl club like me! Some vinyl aficionados are discovering vinyl to be a cool way to listen to music. If you’re one of those vinyl aficionados, it’s time to learn how to care for vinyl records!

Vinyl records are a special type of music format and vinyl fans need to know how to care for vinyl records because vinyl records require some extra effort to keep vinyl looking and sounding great.

There are lots of things that vinyl fans need to know about record care, but here are some basic tips that you can try out. If you follow the vinyl care tips listed in this article, you can make sure that your vinyl doesn’t get warped or dusty!

Store Vertically

Vinyl records need to be stored vertically, not lying down. The reason you store records vertically is that vinyl records are incredibly sensitive to warping. If you store vinyl flat, the vinyl may warp over time. When vinyl warps, it’s permanent, unless you have a machine that can flatten out warped vinyl.

Use Album Sleeves

Album sleeves are really important for vinyl records too because most vinyl requires album sleeves to keep vinyl from getting dusty. If vinyl is allowed to get dusty, it may be nearly impossible to clean vinyl without causing damage in the process.

Wipe Clean Regularly

Vinyl records should be cleaned before and after they are played, but only with special vinyl-approved cleaning products. Do not use household cleaning agents or solvents! You can use a microfiber cloth or special vinyl-safe record cleaning fluid to wipe vinyl records clean. When vinyl is not clean, it may sound distorted and you’ll also see lots of pops and clicks as well.

Visit a Vinyl Specialist Store

If you’re serious about vinyl care, then you need to visit a vinyl specialist store that offers vinyl record storage and vinyl record cleaning services. You can even talk to vinyl record specialists about vinyl care if you have specific questions or concerns.

You can also buy vinyl-safe storage furniture at vinyl specialist stores, like vinyl record shelves and cabinets.


Vinyl records should be kept at room temperature for best results. They should never be stored in hot or cold conditions because vinyl can warp or get damaged when vinyl is exposed to extreme temperatures.

Handle Edges Only

Vinyl records need to be handled carefully by the edges. Don’t touch or otherwise contaminate the playing surface! If vinyl gets contaminated, it may be difficult to clean vinyl and vinyl may also start to sound distorted.


Vinyl records should be kept away from direct sunlight, which can damage vinyl over time. Pretty common sense but this one’s not fun to learn from experience.

And that’s it! Follow these tips to keep your records in tip-top shape playing as good as new for years and years to come.