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Sha’Carri Richardson Olympic Ban for Weed Use Is Stupid

Sha’Carri Richardson had a fantastic moment during Olympic qualifying. After it seemed like she would be on the American team, a positive test for THC excluded her. Although the 30-day suspension would have been up before all the events were over, the USA committee decided to prevent her from going to Tokyo.

Richardson didn’t try to cover up her mistake. She used marijuana legally in the United States, but it is a substance prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency. 

The rules are stupid. Smoking weed or eating edibles won’t make someone run faster or build muscle. If anything, it takes your body in the opposite direction.

Richardson could compete on a national stage with those factors, which is evidence she should have gone to Tokyo.

Her Times Were Voided with the Positive Test

Richardson can’t run because of rules that would void her times from the Track and Field trials due to when the positive test happened. 

The committee felt that making an exception for Richardson would have opened up arguments for other athletes.

Although blame can be found everywhere, the real problem is the World Anti-Doping Agency. The ban for using marijuana is so short because they know how stupid it is at an organizational level.

The minimum ban for a performance-enhancing drug is 24 months. James Fitzgerald, the spokesperson for the agency, even admitted that recreational or illicit drug use is often unrelated to sports performance.

We need to bring some common sense back to our athletics. Richardson didn’t compete in the Tokyo Olympics, but no one else should be forced into a similar situation.