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My Favorite Gross-out Halloween Foods

Every annual festivity seems to inspire creativity for food. Halloween is more than some trick-or-treating and a scary costume. We love to creep out our guests as a family, which means we put together some gross-out foods that the neighborhood loves.

Here is the list of our best items which you can use to make everyone else laugh (or gag!) this year.

1. Dirty Q-Tips

I love this one. It takes a little work because you need to find popsicle sticks that look like Q-Tips, but the rest is easy. You stick it into a miniature marshmallow, dip the top into some warm caramel, and the rest takes care of itself.

2. Bloody Hot Dogs

This fun Halloween food is super simple to make. You just carve out one end to look like a fingernail. Once in place, add some small slits that make it look like the skin over your knuckles. You’ll get a good laugh with this one every time, especially if the ketchup goes into the bun first.

3. Jell-O Worms

Our most recent addition to the gross-out foods might be the most fun to make. After creating your Jell-O liquid, pour the fluid into a bunch of straws. You’ll need to follow the guidelines for chilling it so that the product solidifies. Once finished, pull out the straws, and you’ve got jiggly worms. 

4. Monster Toes

This option isn’t gross per se, but it does get a laugh. You’ll need some Nutter Butter cookies, spice drops, and pistachio frosting that hardens when baked. Coat the cookies, let them sit in the oven, and add the spice drop last as the toenail.

What are some of your favorite gross-out Halloween foods?