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I Think We Need Compulsory Military Service

I know it’s popular to complain about kids these days, but have you seen the kids these days? 

We’ve lost the ability to respect authority in today’s world. The other day, a group of three teens was doing something foolish. I told them in a friendly tone they should stop, and they responded back that I should go be intimate with myself.

If we put the kids in the military for a couple of years, I know it won’t fix every problem. What it can do is establish the idea that there really are some intelligent people out there that know what they’re doing. Yes, I think we need compulsory military service.

Why Choose the Military for Compulsory Service?

Now, I know what you’re thinking – why send the kids to the military where they could be shot instead of letting them apprentice as a plumber or an electrician?

The fact is that the military builds the foundation for a future career. You’ll always run into some lazy kid who expects everyone to do things for him, but most people come out with a useful skill that becomes a profitable civilian career.

I’ve run into military photographers who are now newspaper publishers. My best friend down the street flew airplanes and now offers private lessons at a price I’ll never be able to afford.

Countries like South Korea have compulsory military service unless very specific exceptions exist. I think we should consider the same to bring back common decency in our country. Even if it is only a part-time service requirement, anything is better than what we’ve got happening today.