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How I Use Tactical Superiority to Win Every Snowball Fight

One of the best scenes in the movie Elf is the snowball fight. Buddy creates a whole stack of ammunition that he rapidly fires at his attackers.

Although I wish my arm could be a semi-automatic snowball thrower, an old football injury would never let that happen. 

That’s why I have to think about tactical superiority before heading out to pack some snowballs. It is a process that starts with getting into the right mindset!

Here are the steps I take to ensure I can win every snowball fight.

1. Focus on My Health

I like using products from BioRay and Perque to keep my focus strong. It’s not just for the snowball fights we have outside each winter. I take them to ensure my mind stays in the present during each workday so that I maximize my productivity.

2. Warm Gloves

Cold hands make it harder to form the best snowballs. I’ve invested in flexible gloves that keep my hands warm so that I can maintain a solid grip. You don’t want to use the bulky ones meant for skiing.

3. Outdoor Preparation

The best way to avoid a snowball attack is to have barriers available for blocking. I don’t rely on trees, bushes, or my neighbor’s car. A quick setup outside with some old plywood sheets works quite well. If it’s a bit icy out there, I’ll turn one of them into a personal shield.

4. Stockpiling

Everyone throws a snowball as fast as it gets made. I try to keep stockpiles available so that I can attack with laser-like focus when an opportunity presents itself.

When the snow flies, it’s fun to get outside to have a snowball fight with family and friends. Just know that I will be the winner if you join the battle!